I play and compose music. 🎵

My main instrument is trombone (grade 8, been playing since 2010), although my most recent playing has been bass trombone in Warwick Big Band. I'm particularly interested in playing jazz, funk and function tunes. I also picked up bass guitar and autoharp during the COVID lockdown period, and am interested in synthesisers like most trans musicians.

While my big band work mostly focusses on reading sheet music, I'm no stranger to learning tunes by ear, improvising and weird instrumentation. For the 2022 edition of the Tabletop Radio charity stream, I had to learn a small collection of tunes which could be requested by donating and play them within a band assembled for the stream. I also have significant experience with audio equipment, as one of the two people running audio tech for that stream.

I also compose sometimes. My most recent work is the soundtrack to a five-episode stream of the Monsters on a Cruise Ship RPG system that I am working on. Its soundtrack contains a wide variety of music from a jazz singer's tune, to a small choral piece about a goose that's going to kill you, to an autoharp ballad by one of the contestants, to a funk credits theme! You can find the soundtrack on the game's itch page.

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