A Netrunner unset by harmonbee and the rest of the Warwick meta

Netrunner is a game about the latest and greatest runners fighting against the ruthless efficiency machines of the best megacorporations that the world has to offer. These runners and corps have shown themselves to be the best of the best, the sleekest well-oiled machines you can find. Unfortunately, this set has you instead playing the equivalent of vehicles made on Scrapheap Challenge - the weird startups and overexcited runner groupies for whom "coherent plans" and "synergy" are afterthoughts.

un-derachievers is an unset, which means that it focuses on silliness and unexpected mechanics rather than tiny issues such as "being fully compliant with the rules of Netrunner". That being said, it is still designed to be playable and strategic - the set contains some more sensible (but still new) cards to help the silly ones shine more.

This set is designed for draft play rather than constructed. It consists of two 360-card cubes (one for Corp and one for Runner) along with starter cards and a wide variety of identities. There are 441 unique cards for you to experience with a variety of mechanics:

The set has been developed and playtested over the past two years and is currently on version 0.7.2 (codenamed Microchip). The full set is not ready for public release yet, but if you'd like to keep tabs on it you can keep an eye on my personal cohost account or on the Green Level Clearance Discord server (I am not affiliated with the server, but it's a good place to put advertisements).

Set Credits

Project Lead: harmonbee
Set Development (design/art): AceEmpress, Hello, Ams
Additional Designs/Art/Playtesting: ORCH1D, crowphie, Lewis.P, Artock, Mandoline, JayRed, znsolomon, l0velace, Snuggie